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TradeAllocation is a diversified service for investing crypto assets

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Crypto-assets management is broken down and distributed among thousands of individual units, each showing growth, while being disconnected and redistributed if growth rates fall.
The most effective traders
Rate Of Return: 284.01%
Return Amount (USDT): 1 186 105.09
Strategy: Scalping, High Risk
Rate Of Return: 119.57%
Return Amount (USDT): 1 297 905.11
Strategy: Smart Rebalance, Low Risk
Rate Of Return: 127.33%
Return Amount (USDT): 1 674 755.98
Status: Future Grids, High Risk

Principle of operation. Diversified trading consists of 2 main parties of interaction:

1. The user of the platform gives the right to copy traders' transactions and the right to connect all possible trading instruments to increase the value of the investment portfolio.

2. A module for analyzing the efficiency of strategies on different platforms and automatic connection to the most effective traders via copytrade, proportionally distributing the deposit for risk diversification.

Notification of possible Risks and their Minimization

TradeAllocation is an analytical aggregator-conductor for automatically processing and distributing user requests for copying and averaging trades among many traders who, according to statistical data in the long run, have high rates of growth in their investor portfolio.

The service's analytical tools are based on deep analysis and prioritize users' profits, but despite this, you must be aware that automatically copying trades, even of the most effective traders, is associated with a high level of risk. Past performance compiled according to analytics is not an accurate indicator of its future performance.

The method of protecting an investment portfolio and reducing risks is the division of a portfolio between many strategies, traders and assets that react differently to the market.

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Cost of diversification copy trading Services

Registration fee Free
Account opening / closing Free
Monthly subscription fee Free
Fee for accounting and storage of assets Free
Commission for depositing an account and withdrawing funds Free
The coefficient of remuneration of traders from net profit 0,089

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